January 31, 2015

Empties: January 2015

I didn't finish any products in December, so surprisingly I don't have many empties to share today. Let's get started with my brief reviews of the products that I finished this month.

Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover (100mL)
I have been using this bottle since March and I struggled to use it up. The gel consistency is watery and most of the product gets eaten up by my cotton rounds. I use about a pump per cotton round and I go through at least 3-4 cotton rounds per eye with everyday washable makeup. With more stubborn eye makeup, I could lose track of the cotton rounds used and I would still have visible traces of makeup remaining. There is still a bit of product left, but I really don't like this eye makeup remover. The pump design is its only redeeming feature. This eye makeup remover retails for C$23 and I would never used it again.

Burt's Bees Fragrance Free Shea Butter & Vitamin E Body Lotion (12oz)
This is a very thick body lotion, so it takes a bit of work to massage into the skin. I like how the formula doesn't leave my skin greasy while giving it a moisturized feeling all day long. I picked up this bottle with a pump while visiting the US a while back and a 6oz tube retails for C$12.99 in Canada. I would repurchase.

Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner (355mL)
I used up the accompanying shampoo [Review Here] all the way back to last May and I just had a tiny bit left of the conditioner. I used to really like this product, but since pairing the conditioner with the Klorane shampoo below, I was surprised by how strong the conditioner's scent was. For this reason alone, I probably wouldn't repurchase this Dove line, however I would try other ranges since the brand is very affordable.

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil (15mL)
This was one of my 2014 Beauty Favorites and I have already gotten started with a new bottle. This is a versatile oil that I use to moisturize any dry patches. The only problem is that the dropper sometimes comes loose and I would need to fit it back into the cap. I don't use this as my regular moisturizer, so a 15mL bottle lasts me about a year for spot treatments.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk (400mL)
I have never used a shampoo with such a fluid consistency. The formula is very gentle and a little too basic. I used this shampoo on-and-off with the conditioner from the same line [Review Here], and this bottle lasted me around 4 months. I am glad to have tried it, but I likely wouldn't repurchase.

What did you finished this month?

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