August 17, 2013

Day 2 in Munich: Old Pinakothek + Walking Tour

Day 2 in Munich started early with breakfast from a local bakery whose name I don't remember. Nor do I recall which train I took to get there. I blame my fuzzy memory on the 1-hour time difference between Munich and the UK. Anyways, my friend and I spent the morning at Alte Pinakothek (Old Pinakothek), which showcases art works pre-dating the 18th century by painters such as Raphael and Da Vinci.

For lunch, we headed to Augustiner-Großgaststätten on the pedestrian street that extends between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. In Munich, most restaurants expect patrons to seat themselves. Thus if you ever step into a restaurant and the waiters overlook your wait to be seated, that expectation may be the reason. Once you find a good dining table, the waiters would come per usual to take your order.

The first half of the restaurant name Augustiner actually refers to a particular brewery. According to my friend, restaurants in Munich usually engage in contracts with breweries and take up the breweries' titles in their own names. There are many restaurants with names of the form Augustiner-xxx in Munich. To avoid any confusion, despite similar names, restaurants working with the same brewery are not part of a franchise.

I went for two wiener sausages with potato salad and a Johannisbeer nektar, a drink made from redcurrant berries that only grows in Europe. Wiener sausages are traditionally served in pairs, thus an order of two actually implied 4 sausages. My friend had some Munich white sausages (the only sausage that requires the eater to peel the outer layer before consumption). I didn't find the meal to be outstanding and the English menu was not as comprehensive as the one in German, but people-watching from the terrace was very relaxing.

One of many apothecaries in the city [Read Here for the post on my beauty purchases]

After hours of strolling along and checking out at least half a dozen churches that line the street, we detoured for a break at another of my friend's favorites, Café Luitpold. The interior is absolutely gorgeous!

The double espresso macchiato toned down the sweetness of the chocolate roll. By the way, most cafes and restaurants expect their customers to tip when using the restrooms. Thus in addition to the food bill, a trip to the bathroom will set you back another €0.30 to €0.50.

On the left are the decorative ivies dangling down in the Fünf Höfe shopping arcade. All of these plants are real and combine with the lights for a beautiful visual effect.

On the right is a shot of the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall). The food heaven Dallmayr is just around the corner (I have previously received chocolates from there, read the post Here). Also within a few minutes walk is the Viktualienmarkt where locals go for fresh produce and meats.

Mango ice cream!

This water fountain in front of Karlstor (one of the Munich's 3 town gates in the gothic style) is apparently a popular meeting place.

Did you know Haribo was a German brand? While waiting in line for dinner at L'osteria, the restaurant staff handed out these gummy bears to appease the 20-minute wait. This restaurant's pizza only came in one size, so luckily my friend shared my taste in Hawaiian toppings. Absolutely perfect!

This ends my second day in Munich, stayed tuned for more trip-related posts!

Contact Details:

27 Neuhauser Straße, Munich

Café Luitpold
11 Brienner Straße, Munich

8 Lenbachplatz, Munich

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