July 15, 2013

Review: Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil (Vanilla Sky & Vintage Blush)

When I swatched these Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils in Vanilla Sky and Vintage Blush in the drugstore, I was really impressed with the color payoff. I was sold when the colors didn't smudge when I tried to rub the swatches off my hands. I have only previously tried the Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection, and that concealer is so good that I would love to try out other products from the brand. As these eyeshadow pencils are new launches, they were only £2.50 each (will increase up to £3.19 after this month), so it couldn't hurt to try them.

These eyeshadow pencils are quite good value for the money. While it swatched smoothly on the back of my hand, it applied extremely unevenly on my eyelids the first time I wore it. One swipe resulted in patchy concentrates and attempts at smoothing out the product transferred all the pigments to my fingers instead. Given the shimmery finish, the uneven application was especially noticeable. The result was not pretty. Luckily I gave these pencils a few more tries and proved my first impressions wrong. Sometimes, the first few layers of the product are not comparable to the lower layers.

After wearing down the first few layers, the product no longer feels so gritty when I blend it out and the results look much smoother. I find it easier to use these pencils by dabbing them along the lid instead of covering the area in continuous strokes. Of the two colors I picked up, I find Vintage Blush to be easier to work with. It is a beautiful neutral pink color that looks great even on its own and can be worn for any occasion. Vanilla Sky is a much brighter cream color that I like to use on my inner corners.

When I had to use make-up remover to cleanse off the swatches I did in store, I suspected the bolder shades would be difficult to work with. These eyeshadows set quite quickly and will not budge once it sets. Without a primer, these pencils last about 6-8 hours before creasing, which is quite impressive for a drugstore eyeshadow. These eyeshadow pencils are not twist-ups, so they do need to be sharpened. These eyeshadow pencils come in 6 colors and I just might be picking up Hot Chocolate [Update (August 21, 2013): I did purchase Hot Chocolate, Review Here].

(Update: September 6, 2014): Updated impressions Here.

(Update: November 5, 2015): Updated impressions Here.

What do you think of these Collection Eyeshadow Pencils? What are your favorite eyeshadow sticks?

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