June 10, 2013

Review: Soap&Glory It's About Prime (Bright Light)

I picked this Soap & Glory It's About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase in Bright Light in May. Had I swatched this in store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Since I already own it, I was determined to make it work. Luckily, this happens to be a great product that didn't take much effort on my part. Today I want to share my thoughts after using this primer for the past couple of weeks.

Unless otherwise specified, I had always expected primers to blend into a colorless, or at most a nude, finish. There was no mention of glitter on the packaging, so I was surprised by the frosty finish of this eyeshadow primer. The formula has a thicker consistency and can feel a bit gritty before blending out.

I use at most 2 dots on each eye as an illuminating base. This primer also doubles as champagne-tone highlighter for my inner corners. I find it a bit too shimmery for highlighting my browbone or anywhere else on my face. The packaging recommends waiting 30 seconds before applying eyeshadow. When I apply matte eyeshadows over this primer, it adds a bit of extra dimension and makes the color appear brighter. I think this primer also looks great as a stand alone layer over the lids. In the below photo, with primer + eyeshadow vs. eyeshadow, do you like the bits of shimmer?

Enough commentary about the color, does this product do the basics? Absolutely! This primer made my drugstore eyeshadows last beyond 10 hours, visibly crease-free.

It's About Prime is available in 2 shades (the other is Smokey, a grey base) and retails for £8 for 5mL. I bought mine on offer for £5 and I am really loving it. I am really glad that I gave it a few more chances instead of giving up.

Update (September 26, 2014): Updated impressions Here.

How do you feel about non-neutral primers? Are you loving It's About Prime?

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