June 1, 2013

Review: Allura Nail Stamping Kits

I picked up my first Allura nail stamping kit recently when I found plate P21 astray in Poundland's stationary section. When I backtracked to the cosmetic section, there weren't any more in sight. A little disappointed, I paid for the one plate and went about on my way. When I popped into Poundland a few days later, I was able to find a few more plate designs. As I am now the proud owner of plates P21, P31, P32, and P33, today I want to share my thoughts on these nail stamping kits.

My favorite type of nail art involves a single embellished nail (usually my ring finger). Unfortunately most of the designs are too big and could only fit entirely on my thumb.

I tried out two designs so far and I really like how the colored french tips came out! [Please click to enlarge photos]
Plate P21
Base Color: Essie Nice is Nice [Review Here]
Stamp Color: Color Club Ready to Royal
Plate P32
Base Color: Color Club [missing name sticker]
Stamp Color: Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau

The performance of these stamping kits surprised me. I have used other nail stamping kits in the past (at more than 10x the price of these ones), and these work as good as, perhaps even better, than any of the other ones I have tried.

The only pitfall is that these stencils can be a bit rough around the edges. I recommend taping the edges to be extra cautious. The rubber stamp may not look perfectly smooth, but that doesn't affect its effectiveness. At £1 each, I really can't complain about the quality when they deliver beautiful results. I definitely need more practice, and I think plate P32 would be the one that I would use the most. I just love french tips with a twist.

  • Use a pigmented polish for the stamping and thoroughly clean the set with nail polish remover after each use
  • If you are not yet comfortable with stamping and do not want to ruin your base manicure, apply top coat before stamping. With most polishes I have tried, it's quite easy to scrap off the stamped layer and try again if there is a dried layer of top coat underneath.

Which nail stamping kits have you tried? What is your favorite combination of colors for nail art?

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