May 20, 2013

Review: Nivea Pure & Natural Lip Care (Milk & Honey)

I love a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey, so when I saw this Nivea Pure & Natural Lip Care (Milk & Honey), I just had to pick it up. Unfortunately, with a close resemblance to cough-drops, the flavor of this lip balm is far from the deliciousness that I expected.

I accidentally published this post when I was writing up my first impressions. If you are seeing this post for the second time, it has been updated with my thoughts from the past three weeks.

Although the taste and smell did disappoint, the moisturizing properties did not. My lips were in fairly good condition and this lip balm was able to keep them happy for the past three week. It lasts around 2 hours, doesn't feel sticky, and gives my lips a nice soft shine. In short, my lips love this balm. 100% preservatives-free? Even better.

This Milk & Honey lip care retails for under £2 (4.8g), thus this is definitely one lip balm for the value (especially since I bought it on sale for only £1.32!). This lip balm works better for me than the Kiss of Moisture version I bought last year in the US, although I definitely prefer the smell/taste of the latter.

Apparently Nivea sells two other types of Pure and Natural lip care (in Mint & Minerals and Chamomile & Calendula) in Canada, but those are not yet available in the UK. Just another reason to miss my dear Canada.

Have you tried Nivea's Pure & Natural Line? What are your thoughts?

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