March 23, 2013

Swarovski Rare Ring

I recently picked up this Swarovski Rare Ring after eyeing it for about a month ago. My desire for such a ring dates back to the day when I saw a similar variety offered by Tiffany & Co. However, the Tiffany selections (with diamond encrusted in platinum), are at least 30 times more expansive than this Swarovski ring (rhodium-plated with crystals). I find the name of this ring to be rather ironic since this design is by no means "rare".

I tried it on when it first launched, but I convinced myself to walk away. When I wanted to pick it up a couple weeks later, it was sold out in my size. I had to wait for a new shipment, but a happy ending indeed. I am very happy with my purchase.

I really like the silhouette of this ring. Its simplicity is enhanced by the crystal encrusted half band. As I usually wear a size 5.5-6, I rarely find rings that fit me in the UK. My Rare Ring is a Swarovski size 50 (xs), please note that this size is not available online.

Are you fan of this ring? Do you know any other brands that offer a similar design?


  1. the ring is classic! love its simple design. im thinking of getting it as well. Are you a fan of swarovski? what do you think about the "vittore white ring"?

    1. I have a few Swarovski pieces, mostly pendants. The only two rings I own from the brand is actually this "Rare" ring and the "Vittore White" ring (my post here:

      I like both and a choice between the two really depends on how thick you like the ring band to be. I think the Rare ring is the more versatile of the two given the choice of showing which side of the band. Sometimes I find the VW ring to be a bit too delicate to pull together my outfit. I also really like the look of stacking these two rings together!