March 27, 2013

H&M Conscious Garment Recycling Program

Earlier this week, I dropped off some old clothes at H&M as part of their garment recycling program "Don't Let Fashion Go To Waste!". The goal is to rewear, reuse, recycle, or turn old clothes into energy.

Since I have moving plans for later this year, this gave me a head start on clearing out my closet. Based on a cursory check, I ended up sorting out a pile that included a shirt that I have had for almost 7 years, along with several pieces that I bought earlier this year. I could most definitely accumulate a few more bags if I am motivated to do a total cleanup.

Rewear: Clothing that can be worn again will be marketed worldwide as second-hand goods
Reuse: Textiles that are no longer suitable to wear are converted into other products, such as cleaning cloths
Recycle: Textiles that can’t be reused get a new chance as textile fibres, or are used to manufacture products such as damping and insulating materials for the auto industry
Energy: When rewear, reuse and recycle are not options, textiles are used to produce energy

For added incentive, a £5 voucher to redeem on purchase of £30 or more is offered for each bag of clothing brought in. This garment recycling program is available worldwide at all H&M locations. In the UK, €0.02 will also be donated to the British Red Cross for every kilogram of donated clothing.

How do you usually dispose of your old clothes? What do you think of this garment recycling program?

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