March 14, 2013

Alice's Shop and Dallmayr Chocolates

To meet up with one of my friends who was flying in to the UK, I made a trip to Oxford last Saturday. Luckily for us, the forecasts for 10-15mm rain didn't actually happen. Thank goodness!
We happened upon one of Oxford's graduation ceremony (March 9th), which also meant most of the buildings were closed to the public. I was super disappointed to not have been able to visit Christ Church College's Hall. Yes, I am a part of the Harry Potter generation.

As expected, Oxford is a small city with a concentrated center. Of my 4 hours in the city, much of the time was spent catching up with my friend while walking around the colleges. We stopped by the Vaults and Garden cafe before starting our return trips, the latte was fantastic!

Did you know Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice in Wonderland" while teaching mathematics at Oxford? I picked up a copy of his manuscript, originally titled "Alice's Adventure Underground" from the Alice's Shop. Located across from Christ Church College on St Aldate's street, the shop is in the same location as the grocery store that was the inspiration for the Old Sheep Shop in "Through the Looking-Glass".
As my friend flew in from Munich, he brought me a box of Dallmayr chocolates. I believe all my friends are well-acquainted with my love of chocolate.

These chocolates are very rich in both flavor and texture. My favorite is the champagne truffle. Yum!

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