January 6, 2013

Day 2 in Paris: BIA, Louvre, Angelina at Lafayette, etc.

Bacon in UK is so thick, looks and taste more like ham. I desperately miss those crispy bacon back in home, thus I tracked down this diner called Breakfast in America to satisfy my craving.

CC's Big Mess

After a filling breakfast, next stop, Louvre! I'll skip details about the paintings and sculptures to my quick lunch at the Louvre Cafés de la Pyramide.

After quick stops at the Sainte Chapelle with its gorgeous stained glass windows and the Notre Dame, we finished the day off at Galerie Lafayette, commencing with a snack at Angelina. We had 2 of the Mont-Blanc, which is a delicious sweet blend of chestnut and whipped cream.

After an exhausting day, Chinese take-out for dinner!

Contact Detail: Breakfast in America
17, rue des Ecoles, Paris

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