April 30, 2017

In the Mail: Topbox February + March + April 2017

Today I want to share the products that I received in my last three Topbox(es). Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription box with 4 deluxe samples for C$12+tax/month (shipping included).

February 2017 Topbox

My February box with an approximate value of C$70:
  • Bella Aura Daily Repair Moisturizer - 10mL (full size 30mL for C$90) - value: C$30
  • LaRitzy Pro Blender Sponge - value: US$14
  • Luxie Concealer Brush (211) - value: US$16.05
  • Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick (Driver's Seat) - ??? (full size 0.13oz for C$28) - value: C$5+

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick (Driver's Seat)
The formula is very pigmented and lasts well. However, this warm pink is just a bit too brown for my skintone.

March 2017 Topbox

My March box with an approximate value of C$60:
  • Bella Aura Night Cellular Renewal - 10mL (full size 30mL for C$110) - value: C$36.67
  • Cake Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse - 30mL (full size 250mL for C$22) - value: C$2.64
  • Eyeko Black Magic Mascara - 4mL (full size 8mL for US$26) - value: US$13
  • Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream - 30mL (full size 150mL for US$20) - value: US$4
  • Bonus: Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo + Conditioner - 30mLx2 (full sizes 250mL for C$6.7) - value: C$1.61
  • Bonus: Dove Regenerative Serum-in-Oil - 9mL (full size 50mL for C$7.7) - value: C$1.39

I packed the Cake Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse on a recent trip and I really enjoyed using it. The light texture absorbs quickly and the vanilla coconut scent is sweet in a delicate way. I would purchase the full size.

I have tried the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara once so far and the only aspect I like is the curved brush. The formula is on the drier side, does not do much for my lashes and flakes after a few hours. I will not purchase the full size.

April 2017 Topbox

My April box with an approximate value of C$40:
  • Cake The 'Do Gooder Dry Shampoo - 50mL (full size 200mL for C$19) - value: C$4.75
  • La Roche-Posay Ultra Micellar Water (Reactive Skin) - 50mL (full size 400mL for C$19.95) - value: C$2.49
  • Laritzy Lip Pencil (Retro Red) - 1g (full size 1g for US$18) - value: US$18
  • Skin Republic CoQ10+ Caviar Face Mask Sheet - 25mL (full size 25mL for C$8) - value: C$8
  • Bonus: Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask - 32mL (full size 32mL for C$3.99) - value: C$3.99

What you have received recently from beauty subscription boxes?

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