February 28, 2017

Empties: February 2017

Today I want to share the beauty products that I used up this month.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Body Lotion (236mL)

This is my current favorite body lotion and has been for over a year now. I have already repurchased, although the body lotion has been repackaged and reformulated (new version on the right). I also noticed that Andalou now offers a body butter from the same line. Given this body lotion is on the lighter side, I am keen to try out the body butter version next winter.

Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme (40mL)
This was a nice hand cream, but not special enough for me to purchase (I received this one in my February 2015 Topbox).

Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond Shea Butter Body Scrub (177mL)
I don't use body scrubs regularly and it took about two years for me to work through this tube. I purchased it for the scent and that's still the most positive aspect of the product for me. This was part of a seasonal collection and I wouldn't repurchase even if it was available again.

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Shampoo (75mL)
I find this shampoo to be highly fragranced, but I don't mind the particular scent. I like the travel size packaging from Charles Worthington: the flat lid makes it easy to store the bottle upside down and the flat oval shape makes it easier to squeeze out the last bit of product. I purchased this travel version when I ran out of shampoo while in the UK and I would repurchase if I am in the same situation again.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser (3omL)
This travel size cleanser lasted about two months with use once a day. The product foams up very well in my hands and I only need a little bit of product each time. I find the formula a little drying in the winter and it does contain added fragrance. I don't plan to repurchase, but I wouldn't mind using it again if it came in a set.

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil (30mL)
I used this oil sparingly as I don't rinse it off as recommended. The product has an essential oil scent and a thicker texture that takes some work to massage into the skin. Beyond doing a great job moisturizing my skin, I didn't notice any change to the texture of my skin. This product is targeted towards improving stretch marks and elasticity, which are concerns that luckily do not yet apply to my skin. I don't like the wide opening of the packaging on this sample. I don't plan to purchase the full size anytime soon.

What products did you finish this month?

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