April 10, 2016

Review: Ted Baker Wallet

Today I want to share my thoughts on my Ted Baker wallet in black leather with rose gold hardware and bow clasp. I am not sure if this exact combination of Ted Baker's signature wallet design (the Caaro Bow Top Leather Small Purse) is still available. Ted Baker makes different versions of this wallet in different colors, materials and clasp designs from season to season, but the fundamental features are very similar. I hope this review would be a helpful reference for anyone considering one of these wallets from Ted Baker.

The back pocket is lined with polyester in a monochrome floral print.

The measurements are 4.75"L x 1.25"W x 3.5"H when empty. This is a bulkier wallet than what I usually prefer.

There are two snap closures - one for the interior and one for over the clasp compartment.

There are six visible card slots and two hidden card slots (one behind each panel of the three visible card slots). There are two long sections for bills. The capacity of this wallet is 12 cards (without any bills or coins) for both snap closures to close. I tend to keep the cards in the long sections.

The other side of the interior.

The edges have a slightly unfinished look.

The sections are also lined in the same print as the back exterior pocket.

The interior clasp compartment is also fully lined and the crystals on the clasp have a beautiful prism. Unfortunately, one of the crystals on the bow has already fallen off more times than I could count (first time being within the first week of use). I have not had any problems with the other crystal, so I am not sure whether it is a quality issue. This probably would not be a problem on the versions of this wallet where the clasp design does not involve crystals. This issue is slightly bothersome, but it doesn't affect the aesthetic of the wallet - once I glue the crystal back on.

Another thing that bothers me is how the frame (specifically, the raised portion, see bottom right section in the above photo) digs into the outside layer of the leather, even when I don't have anything inside the wallet. To prevent the indentation from becoming more visible, I usually only close the interior snap closure.

So far, there is minimum wear and tear aside from some indentations in the leather. This is a wallet that I wanted to love and I have tried to make it work for the past few months, but unfortunately its bulkiness doesn't fit my lifestyle. This wallet retails for US$129 and thankfully I paid less than half price for mine on sale.

What is your ideal wallet design?

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