July 19, 2015

In the Mail: Topbox July 2015

I am very happy with July's Topbox. Today I want to share the wonderful products that I received this month.

Topbox is a monthly Canadian beauty box subscription service with four deluxe samples for C$12/month (shipping inclusive).

My box with a total value of around C$42:
  • Dr. Roebuck's Pure - ??? (full size 100mL for C$54.95) - value: C$???
  • No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer (WOW) - 2.4mL (full size 2.4mL for C$20) - value: C$20
  • theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer - 0.57g (full size 8.5g for C$38) - value: C$2.55
  • Trind Caring Color Nail Lacquer (CC158) - (full size 9mL for C$13) - value: C$13
  • Trind Nail-Magic Buffer - value: C$6.25

No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer (WOW)

My first impression of this concealer pen is definitely positive. I have tried it underneath my eyes and it did a decent job brightening up the area. I will continue to use it.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

I have only used it once so far and I am already sold on this highlighter. This product gives the most natural glow when used on my cheekbones. This is my favorite product out of this box.

Swatched (bottom left) and blended (middle).

I have not previously heard of the Trind brand, but I love wearing lilac on my nails. This nail polish will probably be a top candidate for my next manicure color.

My only concern with this box is the lack of explanation for the Dr. Roebuck's Pure product. Nowhere on the actual sample nor on the information card did it explain that this is a moisturizer.

What did you receive this month?


  1. Replies
    1. I like all three products that I have tried so far. Hopefully when I get around to trying out the Dr. Roebuck's Pure, I would like it enough to make this month's box a perfect 4/4!