April 30, 2015

Empties: April 2015

I enjoy writing about products that I have used up, so let's just get started with this month's empties.

Caudalie Lip Conditioner (4g)
Even though this isn't the most moisturizing lip balm, it is my favorite for the beautiful soft finish that it gives my lips. The light vanilla scent is very pleasant. Unfortunately I think this product has been reformulated and repackaged, so I will treasure the two backups that I have purchased.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (1oz)
I started using this cleanser on my trip to Switzerland. The formula is very gentle and I like it on days when I have already cleansed with a cleansing oil during make-up removal. On days when I am only wearing sunscreen and have cleansed with micellar water, I would reach for a different cleanser that isn't as gentle. This size retails for C$7 and the cleanser is also available in 2oz and 5oz sizes. I can't commit to a larger size, but I would consider repurchasing the travel size.

Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment (7g)
I really enjoyed the three uses that I got out of this sample. I used thin layers as recommended and the mask dried in about 5 minutes. Once mixed with water, the clay texture transforms into a watery oil consistency. Massaging the residual off my face was a very luxurious experience. There are also some gritty pieces that helps to exfoliate. I have normal skin and this mask did not feel drying at all. This Powermud has a pleasant melon/apple scent and it is my favorite out of the three Glamglow masks that I have tried (Youthmud and Thirstymud). The 0.5oz size retails for C$21 and the 1.7oz retails for C$76, so the smaller size is actually a better deal. Although I really enjoyed this sample, this mask is too expansive for me to purchase the full-size for now.

Live Clean Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap - Sweet Pea (500mL)
This is a very affordable hand soap option from a Canadian brand. This bottle lasted three months and I already picked up another bottle in Monoï Oil. The Sweat Pea scent is delicate, but I prefer the Monoï Oil scent.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel (100mL)
I really like the balanced rose scent of this Lush line. Aside from the scent, I don't think this shower gel is special in any other way. This product is usually only available around Christmas and I may pick up another bottle this year.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit - Mascara [Original Review Here]
I haven't actually finished this mascara as I snapped the tube while closing it earlier this month. I wanted to include it in this post because it's been a while since I have really liked a drugstore mascara. I wish this mascara was available without the fibres. I would repurchase, but I already have quite a few tubes of mascara that are ready to be used.

What products did you finish this month?

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