January 4, 2015

Project 10 Pan: 2015

Happy new year and hello 2015! I want to start the year with my project 10 pan. The idea is to pick 10 products to use up before purchasing new products. However, I don't think a comprehensive no-buy policy would work very well for me, so I am adapting the basic rule to each of the products that I have committed to using up for 2015. I have chosen these products as items that I like, but do not use regularly enough among everything that I own.

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm (Pink Pout) [Original Review Here]

This is one of my favorite lip glosses from the drugstore with a sheer, glossy, and moisturizing formula. I have had this shade for about a year now and I want to wear it more often before it's time to get rid of it.

No-Buys: Lip Glosses

Mini Laura Mercier Lip Glace (Bare Pink) [Swatch Here]

This lip gloss is one of the few nude shades that works with my complexion. I wish the formula is more moisturizing, so I am not interested in repurchasing any shades from this lip gloss line. However, I like the color enough for the office that I want to finish this mini tube.

No-Buys: Lip Glosses

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil (New Lover) [Original Review Here]

Having to sharpen this pencil is the only reason why I don't use it often. The color is beautiful and I wish NARS would repackage this as a retractable pencil.

No-Buys: Lip Crayons

KIKO Kiss Balm (Blackberry) [Original Review Here]

The color makes up for the formula, which I wish was more moisturizing with less slip. The SPF 15 is a nice bonus. I am about half-way through the tube and I want to finish the rest of it up!

No-Buys: Tinted Lip Balms

Mini Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer (Kissability) [Original Review Here]

I am throwing in this lip gloss as a bit of a freebie, as a bit of encouragement if you will. I like the raspberry tone and the finish of this lip gloss.

No-Buys: Lip Glosses

Mini BareMinerals 5 In 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow (Soft Linen) [Original Review Here]

I usually use this as a quick all-over color on its own as I prefer other products to prime my eyes for eyeshadows. As this product is not unique in color and wear, I have enough neutral eyeshadows that would deliver a similar look. This tube is convenient to travel with and I like it enough to not let it go to waste.

No-Buys: Neutral Eyeshadows

BareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner (Lasting Brown) [Original Review Here]

I like the softer look of dark brown eyeliners. This particular one does not smudge beneath my eyes and the built-in sharpener is very convenient.

No-Buys: Pencil Eyeliners

Mini Dior Colour Eyeshadow Palette (Grège) [Original Review Here]

I do not reach these eyeshadows often since I associate this compact with traveling. The color pigmentation is fair and needs a primer to last. The shades are flattering and I want to use it more frequently. My goal is to hit pan.

No-Buys: Eyeshadow Palettes

Bioderma Photoderm SPF 60 Milk

I feel a little apathetic about body sunscreens, so I tend to purchase new bottles every year. This sunscreen is pretty good, so I will use it up.

No-Buys: Body Sunscreen

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray

This scent is fresh with a hint of citrus, perfect for daytime wear and for all ages. The downside is the lack of longevity, I get maybe an hour of wear before it fades completely.

No-Buys: Perfume; All Scented Sprays/Rollerballs

  • I will not continue to use a product if it expires.
  • No-Buys do not apply to limited edition products or to any purchases intendeds as gifts or for giveaways.
  • If I travel and find products that are not readily available in Canada or in the USA, the No-Buys do not apply.
  • I will not purchase any sets with over half of the items falling under the No-Buys category. I am leaving the definition of half a bit loose and it could go by item count, item weight, or item value. If the set contains limited edition products, then this rule does not apply.

I did not include any skincare, hair care, or body products (aside from the sunscreen) since I am pretty good about finishing items before starting on something new [Empties Here].

I don't have any reward planned when I complete this project 10 pan. I just think it would be nice to appreciate products that I already have and that I know already works for me.

Are you planning a project 10 pan?


  1. This is such a great idea. I definitely need to do something similar. But I feel like I've been improving on makeup hoarding. I actually returned a Naked 3 palette I got for Christmas because it was nice, but not THAT nice and I have too many palettes. Baby steps.


    1. Oh really? I don't own any of the Naked palettes, but I have a soft spot for beautiful packaging!

  2. I should definitely try the 10 pan project since my lipstick/lipgloss/lipcrayon/anything lip related obsession is a bit insane. I love the idea of using and appreciating the items that one tends to buy whether it be on the spur of the moment or something you really want.

    1. I agree! Lip crayons are my favorite type of lip products!

  3. Sounds like something I should do!