November 30, 2014

Empties: November 2014

I have been very busy this month and will continue to be busy until end of the year. Today I want to share a quick post about the products that I finished this month.

COSMED Facial Puffs (180 count) [Original Review Here]
This is my second pack of these facial puffs. The thin material doesn't absorb as much excess product as regular cotton rounds and I get more out of any product that I use with it. I really like using these puffs to apply cleansing water every night because they feel so silky soft on the skin. I picked up mine on sale for under C$3 at the T&T Supermarket in Toronto.

Klorane Conditioner with Oat Milk (150mL)
For the first time, I finished the conditioner before the shampoo! Although the shampoo from the same range is a 400mL bottle, so that's not a fair comparison. This is a very basic gentle conditioner and I enjoyed using it much more than the shampoo. The scent is fresh, but a bit creamy. I picked up mine in Paris for under €8 and it retails for around C$13 in Canada. I think this product is expansive for what it does for my hair and I will probably not repurchase. If you are looking for a gentle paraben-free conditioner in the drugstore, then this may be for you.

Olay Silk Whimsy Moisturizing Body Wash (532mL)
This is my third or fourth bottle of this body wash that I have gone through. This product was one of my 2013 Beauty Favorites and I stocked up at the end of the year when these were being discontinued. It lathers up really well and leaves my shower smelling great. I would repurchase, but this particular product is no longer available.

What products did you finish this month?


  1. You finished some really cool products, especially the Olay Silk Whimsy Moisturizing Body Wash which I've used a few weeks ago and loved it :) This month I finished my Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo! It's a great product, I'm going to repurchase it!

    1. I haven't explored many dry shampoo, and I'll keep Toni&Guy's version in mind!