October 10, 2014

Review: KIKO Ultra Tech vs. Ultra Tech Curve Mascara

Today I bring another review with side-by-side comparisons of two mascaras from the same brand range. Let's talk about the KIKO Ultra Tech and the KIKO Ultra Tech Curve mascaras.

The top box is for the Ultra Tech Curve.

The ingredients lists make clear that the two formulas are different. The Ultra Tech Curve began with a drier formula and is drying out quicker than the regular version.

The wand for the Ultra Tech Curve is meant for defining a curl, while the regular wand is better suited for separating and lengthening the lashes. The bristles on the regular wand picks up more product, but are too sharp for my liking around my eyes. I always need to wipe off the excess from the regular wand and that is an extra step that I don't need to go through with the curve version. Both wands are flexible for the length of the bristled area.

Although the two formulas are different with distinct wands, I find they perform very similar in terms of length, curl, and separation. The less dry formula of the regular version coats the lashes with more product and thus gives the appearance of slightly thicker lashes. Both mascaras are good for very natural looking lashes since they do not add much volume at all. The curve version sets more matte than does the regular version. These two mascaras are clump-free and both lasts about 5-6 hours on me before minor smudging settles in.

These two mascaras retail for the same price of £7.20 and the Ultra Tech contains 10mL of product versus the 8mL of the Ultra Tech Curve. Both formulas are easy to remove with non-waterproof make-up remover. The Ultra Tech line also has a waterproof version retailing for the same price.

I would not repurchase the regular Ultra Tech since the wand is too spikey for me. I wouldn't mind repurchasing the Ultra Tech Curve as KIKO often has them for sale for under half-price. I think both are good mascaras, but nothing special.

Have you tried any KIKO mascaras?

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