September 20, 2014

Beauty Declutter: Nail Polish

I went through a nail polish phase a few years ago when I purchased dozens and dozens of bottles within a few months. In addition to the colors that were gifted to me, I found my place cluttered with too many bottles of nail polishes that I don't wear. Today I want to share the first wave of bottles that I am getting rid of with some swatches.

[L-R]: Pink 4 Ever (Sinful Colors), Emotion (China Glaze), Broken Hearted (China Glaze)

[L-R]: Fault Line (China Glaze), Bali Mist (Sinful Colors), Purple Diamond (Sinful Colors), Applause (Sally Hansen)

[L-R]: Cherish (China Glaze), Gargantuan Green Grape (OPI), Green-wich Village (OPI)

[L-R]: Crushed Candy (China Glaze), Caribbean Blue (China Glaze), Go On Green! (OPI)

[L-R]: Black Mesh (China Glaze), On the Wild Side (Color Club), Wild at Heart (Color Club), Nothing But Truffle (Color Club)

[L-R]: Cracked Concrete (China Glaze), Wild Orchid (Color Club), Positively Posh (Color Club), Soft as Cashmere (Color Club)

[L-R]: Love 'Em Leave 'Em (Color Club), Passion (China Glaze), FYI (China Glaze), Lightning Bolt (China Glaze)

As nail polishes are considered hazardous waste, I am looking into how to properly dispose of these bottles.

Do you own a lot of nail polish?


  1. you can try on, they have a recycle program and they'll send you a bag. Inquire with them as I've only seen it for Earth Day, but they may do it regularly too. =]

    1. That's a great idea! I don't know if they would accept nail polishes from outside of the US for recycling, thanks for the tip!