June 22, 2014

DIY: Paper Baskets

This past week has been extremely busy for me. I spent close to 12 hours at the office every day and had to work overtime both days this weekend. Totally irrelevant, but today I want to share a brief DIY for paper baskets.

I always have a couple of these baskets around my apartment, especially to keep my work space tidy by temporarily storing small things such as paper clips and staples.

I also find them to be a great help in the kitchen as mini trash baskets to hold things like egg shells, orange peels, and etc. Let's get started with the step-by-step folding tutorial!

Start with any rectangular, and preferably slightly stiff, of paper. I usually make mine using pages from magazines or catalogs, bonus for re-use!

Fold across both horizontally and vertically, the visible side in the photo will be on the outside of the basket.

Turn the page around and fold diagonally by matching the center and the edge with the previous mid-fold.

Turn around and repeat on the other side.

Make the other diagonal fold. In addition to the previous two reference points, the first diagonal fold also serves as a third reference point.

Repeat again on the other side.

Follow the diagonal fold marks to get this shape.

Turn on one side.

Fold the edge in to meet the center fold.


Fold the bottom panel up.

Repeat the previous three steps on the other side.

Open up for the finished basket!

I usually make bunch at a time and use one basket as a container to hold the others. Folding these tends to keep my hands busy and away from snacks when I watch tv. These paper baskets are just super convenient to have around.

Care to give these a try?

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