May 22, 2014

Review: Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick x 4

As one of the last beauty items that I picked up before moving away from the UK, today I want to share my thoughts on the four Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick that I own.

[L-to-R]: L.A., Shouty, Belle, and Beehive

Beehive is the only peachy nude lipstick that I have tried that actually looks flattering on me. I keep it and Belle in my bag since the colors are so work-appropriate. I have been wearing these two colors the most in the past two months, way more often than any other lip products that I own. Shouty and L.A. have also made many appearances during nights out and weekends.

These lipsticks are named Mirror Shine for the accompanying mirror in the cap of each lipstick. Since these have become regulars in my bag, I could forgo on carrying a separate mirror. The packaging is surprisingly well made for the £4.79 price tag, especially since these frequently go on sale.

These sheer lipsticks remind me of the traditional lipstick scent that really turned me off lipsticks in my early teenage years. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, this type of scent no longer bothers me.

This formula applies with a soft shine and wears for about 2-3 hours. With one coat, the color sometimes clings to drier patches, especially for the brighter colors. I usually give it a couple of layers to build up an even finish.

  • Beehive: Peachy nude
  • Belle: Mauve pink
  • Shouty: Bright fuchsia
  • L.A.: Gorgeous red

This is my first post featuring lip swatches! I think these photos give a better idea of how these lipsticks look on the lips.


I really like these Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks and I highly recommend them!

Have you given these a try?

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