May 31, 2014

Empties: May 2014

This month's empties features products that belong to categories that are truly day-to-day essentials, so starting in June, I will be adding a ton of new products to my routine. Let's get to my thoughts on the products that I finished this month.

Caudalie Premieres Vendanges Moisturizing Cream (40mL)
I really like the consistency of this formula, it is not too thick or too thin. I use this moisturizer on my face and neck, both day and night and it just feels so nice on the skin. The squeeze tube packaging is very hygienic and gives me perfect control over how much product I get out of the tube. It took my skin over a week to get used to the formula and during that adjustment, my face felt abnormally greasy. However, for the rest of the two month's use, it was all smooth sailing for my skin. This cream is suitable for all skin types and has a light fresh scent. As it retails for CAD$40, I am postponing the repurchase decision until I finish the second tube that I bought in Paris [Haul Here].

Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy - Avocado, Olive & Basil (25g)
I received this hand cream as part of a 6-pack gift set and the brand had since changed the packaging. This variety smells like a creamy avocado with a hint of fresh lemon and I finished the tube in two months. I usually only apply this to the back of my hands since it does take a few minutes to soak in. It is moisturizing, but the formula is not long-lasting. It was difficult getting out the last bits of product without hurting my fingers due to the metallic packaging. I don't think I am impressed enough to repurchase this hand cream. I have a few more of these travel size hand creams, so I am all set for moisturized hands for the rest of the year.

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo (355mL)
This shampoo cleanses without stripping my hair. My hair always feel soft, hydrated, and light when I use this shampoo with the conditioner from the same line. This bottle lasted around two and half months and this is probably the third bottle that I have gone through. I really like this shampoo and I would definitely repurchase.

Olay Sensitive Body Wash (354mL)
I don't have sensitive skin, but a body wash advertised "as gentle to skin as water" is very appealing. I went through this bottle in less than a month because lately, I haven't been using a bath lily. This body wash didn't feel any different from other varieties that are not targeted at sensitive skin. It is certainly a good body wash, but on my normal skin, it isn't anything special. I would not repurchase.

REN Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser (150mL) [Original Review Here]
My opinion hasn't changed much since I wrote my original review in February, so I will just say that it did last through 6 months of nightly use. I may repurchase, just not anything soon.

Which products did you finish this month?

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