March 4, 2014

Review: IsaDora Lip Products x 3

I have never heard of the Swedish beauty brand IsaDora until I came across a display while in Munich [Haul Here]. With no prior knowledge to guide me, I picked up several products and hoped for the best. After wearing the three lip products since last summer, today I want to share my thoughts.

[L-R]: Cream Gloss Stylo (Peach Melba), Multi Vitamin Gloss (Pomegranate), and Twist-Up Gloss Stick (Pink Lady)

Cream Gloss Stylo (15 Peach Melba)

This is a pigmented lip color with the shine of a gloss. The formula is a bit slippery and applies with a scent that I would alike to cotton candy, but more on the unpleasant side for me.

On a good day with my lips freshly exfoliated and balmed, this lip color still applies patchy and takes about half an hour to settle into a more even look. On a bad day, the pigments gather near dry spots and emphasize the dryness of my lips. While it increases the appearance of chapped lips, the formula does not actually make my lips feel more dry after use. I get about 2 hours of wear time and by the end, the formula tend to migrate around the contour of my lips, giving them a semi-stained look.

I absolutely adore this coral color, but I would opt for more forgiving formula if my look requires a similar shade. The plastic packaging feels more cheap than it looks. This lip product retails for €12.95 and I would not be checking out other colors in the line.

Multi Vitamin Gloss (07 Pomegranate)

This is a watermelon scented gloss that feels super sticky until half way through the 2-3 hours wear time. The color applies very sheer and stays extremely glossy on top of my lips for the first 30 minutes. The subtle shimmers in the tube are barely visible on the lips. My favorite thing about this lip gloss is the packaging. The wand snaps close and the flexible flat applicator gives me so much control over the application.

This lip gloss claims to have antioxidant properties with 90% vitamins A, E, C + Q10. Although this lip gloss is not a winner for me in terms of its visual results, it does make my lips feel more moisturized and smooth after use. This lip gloss retails for €13.95 and I may be tempted to pick up another if I find an appealing shade.

Twist-Up Gloss Stick (04 Pink Lady)

This is my hands-down favorite lip product of the three and it is the only one that I would use regularly. Although it claims to be fragrance free, this lip crayon applies with a subtle vanilla scent. The moisturizing formula makes my lips appear smooth even when they are very chapped beneath the gloss. Pink Lady is a bright pink color that brightens my complexion while still remaining wearable for everyday.

The pigmentation is medium coverage and can be built up. I get about 2 hours of wear and I just keep reaching for it. This lip crayon retails for €12.95 and I am definitely interested in other shades.

Overall, I have a good impression of lip products from IsaDora and I look forward to try out the one mascara that I also picked up. Although the products are on the expansive end for a drugstore brand, I would definitely be interested in trying out more products from IsaDora.

Have you tried anything from IsaDora?

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