March 30, 2014

Empties: March 2014

I spent quite a few days hopping from hotel to hotel earlier this month before finally settling into my current temporarily residence. Naturally, I have been going through quite a few travel size items that I want to share in this month's empties.

March 9, 2014

New Job, New City, Start of a New Chapter

For those who have stumbled upon this blog in its early days, then you would know that I started posting while living in the UK. Now, this Canadian girl has relocated back to Canada and it is time to get ready for a new job in Toronto.

I love to travel and I have moved time and time again for one opportunity or another. To document my travels, I have amassed over 50 postcards over the last two years. Part of my collection is from friends & family and I always make an effort to write a postcard to myself from every new place I travel to. Small details that may seem memorable at the time will not stand a chance against the constant flux of incoming information if they are not written down. I love to take the time to read these postcards occasionally and be reminded of the great time I had during my travels.

This has not been the smoothest relocation so far, but I am slowly settling down thanks to the hospitality of friends. Although I already miss my life in the UK, I am excited to explore Toronto!

Any tips for relocation?

March 4, 2014

Review: IsaDora Lip Products x 3

I have never heard of the Swedish beauty brand IsaDora until I came across a display while in Munich [Haul Here]. With no prior knowledge to guide me, I picked up several products and hoped for the best. After wearing the three lip products since last summer, today I want to share my thoughts.