February 17, 2014

Review: Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel

My encounter with the Nuxe with Rose Petals range started with the Micellar Cleansing Water [Review Here]. While the scent was divine, that product itself did not perform to my expectations. However, I was so taken by the lovely scent that I became eager to try out other products in the range, thus leading to my purchase of this Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel. I have been using this exfoliant on a weekly basis since early November and today I want to share my thoughts.

Since my first use, I could not shake the disappointment that the dried petals are not rounded. Personally, when I use physical exfoliants, I want every microbead to be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, I worry about tearing my skin with the uneven pieces if I apply even a little bit of pressure when I massage the gel around my face.

To be fair, my fears of bad reactions to this exfoliating gel have not yet realized. I am careful to only gently pat the gel around my face to minimize the risk. The little pieces become less abrasive when mixed in with the amber gel and my skin feels softer and brighter after each use. While the brightening effect does not last overnight, I could count on the smoothing effect on my face for a couple of days.

When used very carefully, this exfoliating gel is gentle to its name and delivers great results. It leaves my skin feeling so clean without drying it out. I will use up the rest of this 75mL tube that retails for $26/€16.70, but the unevenness of the petals would prevent me from repurchasing this exfoliating gel.

Do you prefer rounded physical exfoliants like I do?

Update (Aug 31, 2014): Updated impression in my August Empties.


  1. After switching to chemical exfoliants, I hardly ever use physical exfoliators now. I never worry about the micro-beads scratching my face, but they do get into my eye often and it's a pain to wash them out!

    1. Either way, time to switch to mostly chemical exfoliants for me too!