January 8, 2014

Review: Smashbox Wondervision Eye Set (Flash)

When Smashbox released these Wondervision Eye Sets for the holiday season, I kept debating whether the Flash set would be worth the $32 price tag. When these sets were reduced to $24 and I was able to apply an additional 20% off, I couldn't pass up on trying the three items for under $20.

This $24 set comes with three products for a total value of $75.83:
  • Eye Shadow Palette (Flash) - 0.14oz (not in permanent line, for reference full size Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio with 0.097oz retails for $28) - value: $40.41
  • Full Exposure Mascara (Jet Black) - 9.56mL (full size 11.24mL for $19.50) - value: $16.42
  • Limitless Waterproof Eye Liner (Onyx) - 0.04oz (full size 0.04oz for $19) - value: $19

Eye Shadow Palette (Flash)


Pink Shell (satin)Ballet Pink (matte)Taupe (glitter)
Plum (matte)Slate (shimmer)Purple Shimmer (glitter)

Swatches with a wet brush

The formula feels silky light and applies with an almost airbrush feeling, especially with the matte shades. When applied dry, the color payoffs aren't that great, especially for Taupe and Purple Shimmer. The pigmentation improves slightly after breaking through the first layers of product, but still rather disappointing.

When applied with a wet brush, the color intensity really pops. I especially like the effect of Taupe and Purple Shimmer with their metallic finishes and iridescent glitter. Once the wet eyeshadow dries, the pigments tend to crumble away from the pan and contaminate the other shades. If you do choose to use these eyeshadows wet, I suggest picking one corner of the pan and stick to it.

These eyeshadows on average crease in about 3 hours and lasts 1-2 hours longer if applied wet. Adding a primer would extend the wear time by another 2-3 hours. I don't have much problems with fallout unless I am applying the glitter shades dry. There is slight smudging from Plum and Slate with extended wear.

Although the shades become more vivid when applied wet, I probably would not reach for this palette unless I want to use Taupe or Purple Shimmer.

Full Exposure Mascara (Jet Black)

This formula really separates and defines the lashes. While I like the lengthening effect and the little bit of added volume, this mascara is not good for holding a curl. After 10 hours, my lashes still look clean unless I actively search for the slight smudging with a cotton swab. Overall, I like the results, but this mascara with its strong scent is not worth the retail price and I would not repurchase.

Limitless Waterproof Eye Liner (Onyx)

Although this is a full size product, the limited edition packaging does not include the sharpener on the cap as in the regular version. The pencil is easy to apply and glides to an opaque matte black in one stroke with minimum tugging.

This eyeliner stays neat and tidy for around 4-5 hours before transferring to my upper lids. 6 hours in, the smudging works its way all around my eyes and by the 10th hour, I have full-on panda-eyes. However, since this eyeliner only claims to last 8 hours, I can't really hold the last part against it.

Every time I use this eyeliner, the skin around my eyes would turn a bit blotchy after a few hours of wear. While I don't feel any irritation and my skin recovers by the next day, I still take it as a sign that this is not an eyeliner for me. I also found the formula to be quite difficult to remove, which I can understand since it is advertised to be waterproof.

After trying out the three products, I would only continue to use the eyeshadow palette and the mascara. I am happy with this purchase since I was keen on trying out the three products. The set also comes with 3 how-to cards and I think it provides great variety for the value.

This limited edition set is also available with two other eyeshadow palettes (Cosmic with blue tones and Sparks with golden tones) for $24 each.

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