January 4, 2014

Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels x 6

When I spotted these Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels, I couldn't resist picking some up. I have had 6 of these nail polishes for the past 2 months and after giving each some quality time on my nails, today I want to share my thoughts.

The pinks, the red...

...and the purples.

The scented aspect is a nice touch, but I admit to buying these polishes for the bottle design alone. I can start smelling the scent on one hand when I am half-way through painting the second. As the scents realize once the polishes dry, it provides an indicator for when the previous coat is sufficiently dry to apply the next. Overall, these nail polishes dry relatively quickly and the scent still lingers once the top coat dries.

Swatches (click to enlarge photos)

Pink Pineapple: 3 coats
Bordeaux: 2 coats
African Tea Rose: 1 coat

Pink Pineapple: This color has a fruity mixed drink scent that takes me straight to an island vacation. It is almost opaque in three coats and I suggest using a nude base coat for better results. This is probably one of the most flattering baby pink in my nail polish inventory. The formula is thin and dries glossy even without a top coat.

Bordeaux: This color starts off as an overly sweet wine scent that fades after a day. The rich burgundy color dries to a glossy creme finish. I love the vintage and classic look of this color.

African Tea Rose: With one coat, I can faintly see my nail line under certain lightings, so I will go with 2 coats in the future. This is a bright pink with subtle micro-shimmers without coming off as neon. The shimmers only show up under direct sunlight or on wet nails, so most of the time, the finish just appears to be a creme. As expected, this has a rose scent.

Moonlit Woods: 3 coats
Wild Violets: 2 coats
Lavender Soap: 3 coats

Moonlit Woods: This is a steel-blue color that sometimes flashes purple. The scent is pleasant and reminds me of a Bath & Body Works product (I know, not the most descriptive). I used three coats for complete opacity, but two coats are sufficient to appear opaque in most lightings. The thin formula dries to a pearl-frost finish without a top coat.

Wild Violets: This is a dark purple with micro-shimmers that smells just like its name.

Lavender Soap: The scent of this pale color is more soap than lavender, in a fresh kind of way. It may leave behind brush strokes that is typical of frost-finish nail polishes.

These nail polishes are more than just pretty packagings. The hint of subtle shimmers in African Tea Rose and Wild Violets is relatively unique among all the nail polishes I own. These beautiful bottles are accompanied by average size-brushes. I get 2-3 days before tip-wear and most of the scents last around a day for me.

These are part of Revlon's permanent collection and retails for $5-6 each. I love having these on my vanity and I would purchase more bottles if other shades catch my eye.

What do you think of these Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels?


  1. these bottles are really cute but i don't know how to feel about the scents... lol
    but, i might give these a try if they're only $5-6, haha

    the wild violet is a nice color and also liking the moonlit woods one :)

    1. I always thought scented nail polishes are such a gimmick, but I am pleasantly surprised with this Revlon formula. As the scents only last around a day, I think of it as a better substitute for that nail polish smell that usually lingers for the same duration.

      There are currently 24 shades in this line, so I hope you find a color that works for you!