January 6, 2014

Calendar and Planner Ready for 2014!

While I always have a planner year after year, this is the first time that I picked up a desktop day-to-day calendar. After moving from Montreal to the UK, I realized just how much my French skills have deteriorated without the French speaking environment. I am hoping this Living Language French 2014 Daily Phrase & Culture Calendar would refresh my memory with new phrases every day and I am making a commitment to stick to it every single day.

6 days in, so far, so good. From the first page of this calendar, I think this works best for individuals with conversational level of French who want to expand their vocabulary. The set also comes with a CD with basic phrases for individuals who are just picking up the language.

I adore this High Fashion Compact Engagement Calendar by Peter Pauper Press as my daily planner. I am always more keen to write things down when I work with pretty stationary. I really like the simple layout of this planner.

In this electronic age, I don't really need a planner since my phone dutifully reminds me of all my major appointments. I use planners to serve the role of a diary, so that in 20-30 years, I can go back and put the bits and pieces together to refresh my memory.

Do you keep a planner?

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