December 1, 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Gift Set

I feel that stores start their holiday promotions earlier and earlier every year. Today I want to share my thoughts on this Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Gift Set that I have had for over a month and half now.

5 Smoulder Kohl Pencils in [L-R] Grapevine, Blue My Mind, Aquabat, Cocoa Bean, and Superblack

These eyeliners are all super pigmented and each applies opaque in one stroke. With the exception of Aquabat, the other four colors all apply similarly dark. When the swatches didn't budge when I tried to remove them off my arm with cleansing water, I had high expectations for these advertised waterproof-eyeliners.

The performances of these eyeliners depend on whether I wear it alone, with primer, or with eyeshadow. On me, this eyeliner wears best with eyeshadow, lasting smudge-free for 7-8 hours. When I wear it alone or with a primer, this eyeliner last less than 3 hours. When the eyeliner does wear off, it tends to transfer to my eyelids rather than to my undereyes. Overall, it is one of the better kohl eyeliners I have used.

Superblack and Cocoa Bean are available separately with a built-in sharpener for £5 each. I believe the other three shades are available in this set only. Personally, I just love a deep purple eyeliner to complement my brown eyes. With the exception of Aquabat, the other four shades do appear similar at a distance. However, when Grapevine and Blue My Mind are under direct sunlight, the colors pop to brilliant bright hues.

(November 5, 2015): Updated impressions Here.

3 Lid Stuff eyeshadows in Smokin', Aubersheen, and Dandy Plum

Swatched in reverse order...just mixing things up a bit

The eyeshadows are selected from each of the three Lid Stuff eyeshadow quad palettes available on the market (Smokin' is from Smokey Dokey, Aubersheen is from What's Nude, and Dandy Plum is from the Off the Wall Flower palette). If you are interested in only one of three shades, then perhaps one of these £10 palettes would be better.

Unfortunately the three colors don't look good together on me, but they work well in separate looks. Dandy Plum loses the plum tints to just look dark when it is blended out. Aubersheen is a rusted tan that is not the best complement with my yellow undertone. Smokey Dokey works well as eyeliner, but I won't be getting much use out of it as I usually don't use black eyeshadows. Even when I do a smoky eye, I tend to lean toward a dark purple or blue to achieve the look.

The formulation is nice and sufficiently pigmented. I could get about 4 hours of creaseless-wear without primer and the colors would start to fade about 6 hours in. I like the colors, but I don't know if I would reach for them often.

I will depot these eyeshadow soon, stay tuned for my tutorial! Update: Read DIY Here

Once you remove the eyeliners, the plastic makes a perfect brush dryer. Although it would only work for skinny brushes, it is functional enough for me to keep the packaging.

This set retails for £18 and both the eyeliners and the eyeshadows correspond to the same sizes as the individual full-size products.

What gift sets will you be picking up this year?

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