December 2, 2013

DIY: CD Jewel Case (Depotted) Makeup Palette

The only time I depot my make-up is when I want to separate pan-based products that are lumped together with pencils, glosses, and etc. in gift sets. As for single eyeshadows or mini palettes, I usually prefer to keep them in the original packaging.

Today I want to share how I depot and store eyeshadow pans in a non-magnetic DIY makeup palette made from a CD jewel case. I will be using three eyeshadows from the Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Gift Set [Review Here] for visual illustration.

The standard jewel case should be able to hold most eyeshadows.

Here is a side view of the finished palette to show how the pans fit snugly without touching the case surface.

Let's get started with the supplies!

  • Eyeshadows to-be Depotted
  • CD Jewel Case
  • Clear Plastic Sheet
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Cuticle Stick

Start by trimming the plastic sheet to the size of the CD jewel case and wiping off any pen marks. Then remove the CD holder from the jewel case and wash both the case and the plastic sheet thoroughly and let dry.

In my case, the eyeshadows came in a malleable plastic packaging, so I could easily pop out the individual pans using a cuticle stick. For pans that are stored in hard plastic, I direct you to the wonderful world of internet to find the appropriate depotting tutorial.

The glue residue on the back can be easily removed by scraping gently with the cuticle stick.

If you want to remember the brand and the name of each eyeshadow, write the shade names on the cleaned surface. I suggest placing a tissue underneath while writing the labels to prevent fallouts from making a mess on your table.

I cover the writing with a piece of tape to prevent smudging or rubbing off when the pans are adhered. Take care to avoid any air bubbles and to smooth the tape from one end to the other. As I want to be able to reposition the pans in the future, I wrap two pieces of tape to serve as fixtures.

Position the pans on the dried plastic sheet. Once you are happy with the placement, cover the pans with a clean tissue and press down. This will prevent any pigments from staining your hands.

Slide the plastic sheet into the jewel case. Note that the jewel case will be used in reverse. The part that used to hold the CD will now be the cover and the original cover will serve as the back.

As there is room for the plastic sheet to move around, I add two pieces of tape on the side to fix it in place. This way, the pans will not touch the cover even if the case is upside-down.

This brings us to the end of the basic tutorial. I like to use a clear jewel case that allows me to identify the colors without opening the case. Plus, the labeled back clearly shows each shade name.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and I would love to see your take on this basic structure. Of course, this tutorial will also works for depotting blushes, bronzers and anything in a pan that fits in the height of the jewel case.

How do you store depotted make-up pans?

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  1. Very nice. Especially, the plastic sheet plays an important role in making the jewel case perfectly.