November 11, 2013

Review: Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks x 2

I picked up these Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks in Brown-Eyes and Hazel-Eyes about a month ago and today I want to share my disappointment regarding the product performance.

The shade selection for each product is designed to complement different eye colors.

010 for brown eyes

030 for hazel eyes

While the name and description suggest color intensity, long-wearing, and smooth application, the reality could not be any further down the other end of the spectrum.

The shadow stick for brown eyes (champagne and emerald) has virtually no pigmentation. The swatches above required around 10 swipes back and forth on my arm. The hazel eyes version managed a little better, requiring about 5 swipes to achieve the above pigmentation.

I found the brown eyes stick to be very difficult to apply on the eyes, it just tugged and tugged at my eyelids. Without applying a lot of pressure, I would only get chunks of the glitter without any champagne color on my lids. The emerald side was just as bad. Whatever pigments that did end up on my lids would be half gone after any blending attempts. These shadows did not blend well, creased within 2 hours of application and just looked like a mess.

The hazel eyes version was much better by comparison. The shimmer is more fine with better color payoff that would show up with minimum pressure. The pink and brown shades are definitely more forgiving in hiding harsh edges when blending. I would get about 6 hours of wear before noticeable creasing.

Overall, I am disappointed. While for hazel eyes may get some use, I am tossing the for brown eyes straight into the trash pile. As these shadow sticks regularly retail for $7-8 USD, I am so glad I bought them on sale for under $3 USD each.

Which eyeshadow sticks are your favorite? Have you come across any disappointing products lately?

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