November 14, 2013

Jo Malone Red Roses + White Jasmine & Mint

Today I want to share my thoughts on two Jo Malone fragrances in Red Roses and White Jasmine & Mint that I recently picked up.

The only reason why I bought Red Roses was to layer under my existing bottle of Nectarine Blossom & Honey [Review Here]. It is a combination that I have tested out over and over in-stores and I absolutely adore it. I find Red Roses on its own starts a bit too sharp for my taste, but as a scent foundation, it neutralizes the fruity sweetness of NB&H, resulting in a light floral scent. It is my current absolute favorite fragrance combination.

While Red Roses was a well-planned purchase, White Jasmine & Mint was much more spontaneous. I went shopping with my friend CW at Selfridges and I sprayed a bit of the WJ&M on my wrist at the Jo Malone counter. After wearing it for a day (and with my friend's blessings on the fragrance and my body chemistry), I bought it the next time I was in Selfridges. As with Jo Malone scents, this one is nothing like anything I have ever smelled. The mint makes the soft floral appear more fresh and energetic. Unexpectedly, there is also a strong presence of citrus in the scent that dominates both the jasmine and the mint. I like it so far, but only time will tell whether this fragrance will make it into my favorites.

I currently own three Jo Malone fragrances and I hope to add more to my collection. I love the uniqueness of the scents and the bottle design is simply timeless. I can spritz these in the morning and I would still be able to smell them at the end of the day. These 30mL retails for £38 each.

Which is your favorite fragrance combination?


  1. Jasmine and Mint sounds like a wonderful combination. I personally like to mix vanilla with floral scents.

    1. That sounds wonderful! Are there any particular brands that you would recommend for vanilla scents?

  2. I planned on purchasing Red Roses this past summer but ended up purchasing diptyque Eau Rose instead because I found Red Roses developed into a bad, dying flower smell on me. Not pleasant at all... I also discovered not long after that The Body Shop's Atlas Rose edt smells very similar to Jo Malone Red Roses but of course it's more affordable and doesn't turn icky on me so I plan on purchasing that instead!
    I really like Earl Grey & Cucumber mixed with Blackberry & Bay though so I might get the former as my next Jo Malone fragrance!

    1. I have heard wonderful things about Diptyque fragrances and I only wish it was more widely available. How would you compare the Eau Rose to the Body Shop's Atlas Rose?

      Ditto on JM Red Roses, I really don't like how the scent develops when I wear it alone. On somedays I still wonder how I justified spending so much on a fragrance I didn't like just so that I could layer it with the Nectarine Blossom & Honey, which I already love on its own.

      I like both the Earl Grey & Cucumber and Blackberry & Bay on their own. I need to give this combination a try the next time I am at a JM counter. Thanks for the suggestion!