September 17, 2013

Outlet Shopping with PinkStyle

There are quite a few outlets within a couple hours drive from where I am staying on the east coast. While I have been recommended to check out the ones in Merrimack (New Hampshire) or Wrentham (Massachusetts), I drove out to a smaller one in Tilton, New Hampshire last week.

Affordable deals in outlets are nothing new, and today I want to share the PinkStyle fundraiser that started on September 12th.

For a $5 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, you will receive a booklet of five coupons that are each redeemable against 25% off one item at participating outlet stores (including Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Coach, J. Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Yankee Candle, and much more). Although the limit is one coupon per customer per store per day, these vouchers can be applied to sale items!

These shopping passes are valid until October 25th and are available at Tanger Outlet locations in the United States and Canada. Participation does not require registration, so one booklet can be shared among friends. If you got a Tanger outlet near you, this is a great opportunity to help a good cause while saving money.

Despite braving a thunderstorm during my commute, I am pleased with my shopping trip. There were times when the visibility was so bad that I feared for my safety on the highway. In retrospect, the storm-induced power outage the night before should have been a sufficient warning.

To conclude, I have a general word of caution regarding outlet shopping. The same brand name does not imply the same quality. Some of the merchandises are made specifically for the outlet stores. As these selections are intended to be sold at lower prices, they are often of inferior quality or design. For example, at the Gap (and at Banana Republic under the same umbrella group), outlet-directed merchandise are marked with 3 squares under the logo. So shop wisely!

What are your favorite places to shop?

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