August 24, 2013

Mayfield Lavender

Around two weeks ago, I spent a morning at Mayfield Lavender. Although the farm is just outside of Greater London, it took me about an hour and half to reach it from London Victoria (--> East Croydon --> Woodmansterne --> 166 bus to Oaks Park). It's not the best route, but the direct train that I looked up didn't show up at the ticket office.

25 acres of organic lavender!

I recommend visiting in the morning while the sun is still over the parking lot. In order for the face to catch the light, photos taken in the afternoon may be distracted by cars in the backdrop.

I want to highlight the last point on the welcome board, there are A LOT, A LOT of bees. It took a deep breathe and several attempts to make it to a clearing to take my photos.

Of course, I picked up some souvenirs. The lavender lemonade is interesting, but I think I prefer a plain lemonade. I absolutely adore Earl Grey tea blends [Kusmi as my favorite], but I didn't find this version to be any good.

I do like the Grosso lavender oil (one of the three varieties available). I dab a few drops onto a tissue and leave it on my bedside table to enhance the quality of my sleep.

There is no admission charge for visiting Mayfield Lavender and the blooming season lasts until the second week of September this year. Do check it out if you are in the London area.

Do you like lavenders? Have you visited a lavender farm?

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