August 23, 2013

In the Mail: Glossybox August 2013

The August box surrounds a Highflyers theme, meant to feature brands from around the globe. Out of the 5 products I received, two originated from the US. I would have preferred if every product came from a different country. In any case, I am quite happy with this month's box.

Products I received:
  • Emite Make Up Eyelash Curler
  • Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm (40mL)
  • Jelly Pong Pong 2-In-1 Shadow/Liner - Plum
  • Oceane Makeup Remover Pen (3mL)
  • TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot (15mL, full size)

The Emite eyelash curler allows for a firm, yet gentle grip on my lashes. I usually squeeze the curler thrice: once at the base, then move up 1/3 of the lashes, and a final squeeze at 2/3 of the length. This eyelash curler gives me a natural curl without any pinching of the eyelids. It also comes with 3 changes of the pad, just in time to replace the Shu Uemura one that I have had for years. I am very happy with it.

I could always use another body moisturizer, so I will make good use of Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm once I finish my current ones.

Jelly Pong Pong 2-In-1 Shadow/Liner (Plum)

I find this pencil to be waxy. It dragged and tugged during application and the plum shade doesn't suit me at all. It makes my eyes look like I've just cried the day away. I didn't even get 3 hours of wear before all the product concentrated at my creases. I will not be using this again.

Oceane Makeup Remover Pen has a great concept, but doesn't quite deliver for me. The tip of the pen is too dull for a precise clean-up. On contact, my eyeliner dilutes and coats around the tip of the pen. It requires a few swipes to remove most of the product from a particular spot, but it leaves my skin looking quite dirty. Each refillable tip can be reversed for a second use. The liquid stings a little, so I don't think this product will make it past the trial stage for me.

TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot has enough product for two uses on my mid-back length hair. I find this treatment to be very hydrating, but I can't comment on its effect on damage-reversal after just one use. I really like TRESemme's products, so I would like to try out the shampoo and conditioner from the Platinum Strength line.

This month's box was complimentary since I was able to redeem my GlossyDots. I will be moving at the end of the month, so this is my last Glossybox for the foreseeable future. Overall, I am very happy with my subscription experience and I would be interested in trying out other beauty boxes once I settle down again.

What did you receive this month? Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?

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