August 16, 2013

Day 1 in Munich: Gardens

I just got back from Munich and today I want to share my trip to this amazing city. I lucked out on the weather as it was sunshine all day, every day. I stayed with a German friend of mine, who was the most wonderful translator for the entire duration of my trip.

My flight was delayed for an hour at London Heathrow, but somehow I managed to arrive only 40 minutes behind of schedule (the captain told the passengers that we will be speeding ahead to make up for the delay). By the time I got to the center of Munich and dropped off my luggage, it was already close to 5pm. We headed to the Englischer Garten (English Garden) to kick start my visit.

Despite the name, the Garden is a park that stretches for kilometers in the heart of the city. We decided on renting a boat to take in the serenity of the place (kudos to my friend who did all the rowing!).

Beyond the clear waters, you can see a Beer Garden on the left. These outdoor pubs are extremely common in Bavaria.

The benefits of a local tour guide include knowledge of where to go for good food. We had dinner at Osterwaldgarten, which is only a couple of minutes walk from our rowing spot. My friend likes this place for its modern twist, for example, the Osterwald delicacy salad that I had would not be available in a more traditional restaurant. If you don't read German, don't fear, you could always ask for a menu in English. This blend of turkey, scampi, pineapple, baguette, and greens was fantastic.

After dinner, we went back to watch the sunset from the Monopteros in the Garden.

The interior and the exterior of the Monopteros.

Ending the day with a break in my friend's favorite cafe, Luigi Tambosi, situated conveniently next to the Hofgarten (Court Garden). The outdoor seatings all face the same direction, with a view of the Feldherrnhalle and the Theatinerkirche (Theatiner Church). The iced coffee is highly recommended.

Stay tuned for more trip-related posts!

Contact Details:

12 Keferstra├če, Munich

Luigi Tambosi
18 Odeonsplatz, Munich


  1. Ahh the Garden looks so scenic! I don't know much about Germany, but is it easy to get by with just knowing English? I'm surprised you remember all the names of the places you went to xD I'd have trouble remembering if I were you ._.;;

    1. My friend translated most things for me, but I have been told that most of the locals speak English fluently, at least in Munich.

      As for facilities, trains connecting the airport to the city center have announcements in German, followed by English. There are also English language options at the post office and train/underground ticketing booths, so I assume that it won't be too difficult to find your way around.

      My friend was a wonderful tour guide, who made sure I knew both the German titles and the English translation of all the sites we visited. I feel very lucky!