May 28, 2013

Review: Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II

I picked up this Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II as part of my Sephora Chic Week Haul. This set is available exclusively online for $39 USD and includes three lip butters and three lip butter glazes (all full size products).

Lip Butter Glazes include Jasmine (nude pink), Raspberry (berry), and Wild Rose (red) *swatched in order from left to right

These vanilla-tasting glosses are non-sticky, pigmented, and very shiny. There is a lot of potential for building up the color. For the bolder shades, it can be a little tricky to blend beyond where I deposit the product. I usually apply a generous layer and blot away any excess to be more suitable for day wear. For an evening out, no need to mute the shine or the color!

Overall, I am not wowed by these three lip butter glazes. It is a lucky day if I could get over an hour's wear time. My lips always feel much drier after use, so I don't find them to be particularly moisturizing. Jasmine can be rather unforgiving on the days when your lips are very dry. Wild Rose would flatter the most skintones. Sometimes the product formula separates (see below photo), so I do end up wasting product to get the right consistency.

The set also comes with Lip Butters in Guava (clear), Pomegranate (coral), and Quince (magenta). I wouldn't be trying these out myself, but I have received some glowing feedback from the friend I gave Pomegranate to. She would apply it before bed and her lips would still feel well moisturized in the morning. She also loves the sheer bit of color for everyday wear. I plan to find lovely homes for Guava and Quince soon.

The lip butter glazes retail for $14 USD (0.34 oz) each and the lip butters retails for $12 USD (0.21 oz) each.

Are you interested in trying out these lip butter glazes? Or the lip butters? What are your thoughts?


  1. I've tried a lip butter in Wild Rose but none of the glazes. They definitely smell great but the formula + packaging could be matched better.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I wish they just kept the lip butter formula and made it into a tube.