March 31, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Neck Gel

Happy Easter! My first thoughts always go to bunnies when I think of this holiday. When I think of bunnies in the beauty context, I am reminded of The Body Shop's celebration earlier this month of EU's ban on animal testing. Thus today I want to share my thoughts on The Body Shop Vitamin E Neck Gel I picked up with my Body Shop Haul two months ago. I admit, I have never paid much attention to pampering my neck. When I saw this neck gel, I remembered how my mother always said a woman's neck and hands show the easiest sign of age. That's all the motivation I needed.

First of all, this product reminded me to always check the packaging for content amount. The packaging is a bit wasteful since actual product take up only around 50% of the tube. As per instructions, I apply it every night on my neck using light upward sweeping movements. Since I didn't take note of my initial neck condition, I can only say that my neck now feels great. The texture is light but very moisturizing. I bought this 30mL neck gel for £3 (on sale plus an additional 40% off regular retail). I am open to repurchasing this, though I do think any rich body moisturizer would do just as well. I think the most instructive part of this purchase is in confirming the massage motion that would make the most out of moisturizers applied to the neck area.

Update (May 30, 2013): Updated impressions in my May Empties.

Have you tried any neck gel? Do you think a neck specific lotion is necessary?

March 27, 2013

H&M Conscious Garment Recycling Program

Earlier this week, I dropped off some old clothes at H&M as part of their garment recycling program "Don't Let Fashion Go To Waste!". The goal is to rewear, reuse, recycle, or turn old clothes into energy.

Since I have moving plans for later this year, this gave me a head start on clearing out my closet. Based on a cursory check, I ended up sorting out a pile that included a shirt that I have had for almost 7 years, along with several pieces that I bought earlier this year. I could most definitely accumulate a few more bags if I am motivated to do a total cleanup.

March 23, 2013

Swarovski Rare Ring

I recently picked up this Swarovski Rare Ring after eyeing it for about a month ago. My desire for such a ring dates back to the day when I saw a similar variety offered by Tiffany & Co. However, the Tiffany selections (with diamond encrusted in platinum), are at least 30 times more expansive than this Swarovski ring (rhodium-plated with crystals). I find the name of this ring to be rather ironic since this design is by no means "rare".

I tried it on when it first launched, but I convinced myself to walk away. When I wanted to pick it up a couple weeks later, it was sold out in my size. I had to wait for a new shipment, but a happy ending indeed. I am very happy with my purchase.

March 20, 2013

Review: YSL Touche Éclat & Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare Duo

I picked up this YSL Touche Éclat & Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare Duo from Harrod's for £25 during their holiday sales. That is equivalent to buy one get one free at regular retail prices.

March 17, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My decision to go for brunch today resulted in over an hour and half wait, in the rain, for seating at The Breakfast Club in London's Soho. I went with The All American pancakes with eggs, sausage, home-style fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup for £9.80. When the waitress stared blankly at my request for sunny-side up eggs, I knew authentic North American brunch lingo won't be the selling point. However, having my latte served in a customized BC Pac-Man mug did win me over. It was good comfort food, but not so good that I would ever line up for over another hour for.
My St. Patrick's Day manicure features Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten from the Foiled collection. This is a frosty green polish that is opaque in just one coat! The name is a play on a Perfect Ten, haha, I love clever names.

March 16, 2013

Gift in the Mail: Sephora

I received a box in the mail from my mother earlier this week. Despite having to pay some custom charges before Royal Mail would deliver the package, I am still very happy indeed.

March 15, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Skin Primer - Moisture It

I picked up this The Body Shop Skin Primer - Moisture It as part of my Body Shop Haul around the end of January. After testing it out for over a month, I am ready to share my review today.

March 14, 2013

Alice's Shop and Dallmayr Chocolates

To meet up with one of my friends who was flying in to the UK, I made a trip to Oxford last Saturday. Luckily for us, the forecasts for 10-15mm rain didn't actually happen. Thank goodness!
We happened upon one of Oxford's graduation ceremony (March 9th), which also meant most of the buildings were closed to the public. I was super disappointed to not have been able to visit Christ Church College's Hall. Yes, I am a part of the Harry Potter generation.

As expected, Oxford is a small city with a concentrated center. Of my 4 hours in the city, much of the time was spent catching up with my friend while walking around the colleges. We stopped by the Vaults and Garden cafe before starting our return trips, the latte was fantastic!

Did you know Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice in Wonderland" while teaching mathematics at Oxford? I picked up a copy of his manuscript, originally titled "Alice's Adventure Underground" from the Alice's Shop. Located across from Christ Church College on St Aldate's street, the shop is in the same location as the grocery store that was the inspiration for the Old Sheep Shop in "Through the Looking-Glass".

March 11, 2013

Nail Art Revisited Continues: Painted Tips Edition

Continuing from my previous post [Here] reminiscing about my love of nail art from 4 years ago, today, I want to share the second installment in my nail art revisited series [update: see Part 3 Here]

March 8, 2013

Review: Sleek Corrector and Concealer (02) Palette

Today I want to share the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette in 02 I picked up along with two Sleek i-Divine Eye Shadow Palettes [Review Here] in early February. After testing it over the last month, I want to share my thoughts.

March 5, 2013

Review: Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm Cream

I picked up this Dr Jart+ BB Cream in early February as part of my Dr Jart+ Haul. I have been trying it out since and want to share my review today.
This BB cream is available in one shade and the color changes to match the skin. With medium coverage, once set, it gives me a healthy glow that lasts all day. I have worn it for 12-hour days when I go into London, and it didn't crease or flake at the end of the day, even without a primer.

This BB cream is oil-free, has SPF25, and is intended for aged 20-35s. Dr. Jart+ has other lines of BB creams targeting different skin concerns for older age ranges. I wish more brands would advertise the intended age groups for their products.

I bought this at 1/3 off (regular retail: £18 for 50mL) and I do wish this came in a smaller size. I only wear this 2-3 times a week, using a pearl size amount each time. I usually follow the recommended period after opening, so 12 months won't be nearly enough to finish the tube.

March 2, 2013

Splurge: Burberry

I made another trip to London on Thursday, so of course I did some shopping before my evening appointment. After much "need vs. want" debate, I ended up splurging on two Burberry items.

March 1, 2013

Review: Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Today I have another rose-scented product review to share. As a UK brand, buying local gave me the extra push to purchase my first Lush product. Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner works for your body like how hair conditioner works for your hair. Simply rub on, rinse, and dry off. I picked up my tub at the end of last December and I have been using it 1-2 times a week for added pampering to my routine.