February 18, 2013

Review: Sleek i-Divine Eye Shadow Palettes (Storm and Au Naturel)

When I was hunting for a new undereye concealer, I also picked up two eye shadow palettes by the Sleek brand. These three palettes were £7.99 each for a total of £23.97. Keep reading for review and swatches for the i-Divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette in Au Naturel (601) and Storm (578). Review for the Corrector and Concealer (02) Here!

Starting with the Au Naturel (601) Palette

Swatched with a Q-tip

First row:
  • Nougat: Cream (matte)
  • Nubuck: Lavender grey (matte)
  • Cappuccino: Beige (matte)
  • Honeycomb: Egg-white (matte)
  • Toast: Salmon orange (matte)
  • Taupe: Taupe (shimmer)

Second row:
  • Conker: Burgundy (shimmer)
  • Moss: Earth green (shimmer)
  • Bark: Earth brown (matte)
  • Mineral Earth: Wine (shimmer)
  • Regal: Plum (matte)
  • Noir: Black (matte)

Next up is the Storm (578) Palette

Swatched with a Q-tip

Unfortunately, the Storm Palette didn't come with a list of shadow names, thus I'll just number the colors by row for easier reference.

First row:
  • 01: Sand (shimmer), a bit darker than Taupe
  • 02: Cream (shimmer), a lighter than Taupe
  • 03: Tan (matte)
  • 04: Champagne (shimmer)
  • 05: Rose gold (shimmer)
  • 06: Maroon (shimmer), a bit redder than Conker

Second row:
  • 07: Brown (shimmer), a bit golden than Conker
  • 08: Silver blue (shimmer)
  • 09: Forest green (shimmer)
  • 10: Navy blue (shimmer)
  • 11: Milk chocolate (matte)
  • 12: Blackish grey (matte)

The shimmer shades are very sparkly and the matte shades are true mattes. You won't find any subtle microglitter in these two palettes.

The eyeshadows are not finely pressed, so some do crumble quite easily. Simply running a Q-tip on the surface reduces the upper layers to fragments. That means the application process does involve quite a bit of fallout. However, once cleaned up, there are no more fallout for the duration of the wear. The colors blend easily and don't smudge once set. Without a primer, some eyeshadows do crease.

The Storm palette was on average more pigmented than the Au Naturel palette, but even the non-pigmented shades are buildable. I wish there were more pink-toned mattes in Au Naturel and for more balance between shimmers and mattes in that palette. Although both palettes have amazing colors, it is too much effort to clean up after every use. I will not re-purchase.

Have you tried any Sleek products? What do you recommend?


  1. I've been eyeing the undress me too palette, but since I'm in the US, shipping from UK discourages me. Have you tried that?

    1. I can totally understand your reservation regarding paying double for shipping than for the actual palette. I haven't tried MUA before, but their products seem great for value. Thanks for the recommendation!