February 5, 2013

Review: MAC Cleansing Off Oil

Have you ever noticed how the majority of make-up removers advertise themselves as "eye make-up remover"? Of all the removers I have tried, I could only recall Clinique's Take the Day Off being one specifically labeled as a remover for lip products as well. I wear lip products on a daily basis, and eye makeup much less often. My purchase of MAC Cleansing Off Oil was intended to finally establish a priority for removing lip products.

I like the pump for dispensing product as it is a lot more hygienic than those removers that require soaking the cotton pads against the opening. The smell of the cleansing oil reminds me of a lemony dishwashing fluid, I guess it is meant to clear makeup off like how dishwashing fluid clears dishes. Using two pumps per cotton pad, I massage through about 6 pumps and still found (faint) traces of gel eyeliner on my cleansing cloth later in the shower. I ended up waking the next morning with a stye, caused either directing or indirectly by the cleansing oil [Tip: If you don't have an extra face towel around like me, try soaking cotton pads in hot water and then hold it over the inflicted area. I used 3-4 cotton pads twice that day and my stye was gone the next morning!]. Luckily I didn't get any more breakouts on the following trials over the last 3 weeks.

To sum it up, I like the cleansing oil for removing lip products (only need 1 pump). I wouldn't use this cleansing oil for removing eye products anymore because it always causes my vision to blur for 5-10 minutes. At £18.00 for 150mL, I expected the MAC Cleansing Off Oil to gently remove everything, so I am a bit disappointed. I probably would not repurchase.

Have you tried MAC Cleansing Off Oil Before? What brands of cleansing oil do you love?

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