January 23, 2013

Evelyn K Scarves

I had almost given up on my scarf search when I came upon these two Evelyn K scarves. This is my first encounter with the New York brand, and they are everything that I was looking for.

I was looking for a light long scarf without any fringes or fraying edges, preferably in a neutral pattern. I can't describe how difficult it was to find a scarf that fulfills all of my criteria. Sometimes, the basics are the most difficult accessories to find.

What I like about the leopard (or is it cheetah?) print is the depth of the pattern. The gradient from light to dark and back to light adds an extra dimension to the pattern. It looks great with monochromatic outfits!

The black lace scarf is my favorite of the two. It has a symmetric pattern with lace prints running along the long side. The delicate trims connecting the two sides breaks the monotony of the black center and ties the two sides together. This black scarf really complements brighter color outfits. I usually wrap my scarves once around my neck and allow the two ends to hang loosely to about my waist. Once I twist up the middle of the scarf, it creates the illusion of a complex pattern around the neck that gradually simplifies towards the end.

I am very happy with this purchase!

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